Thank you for renewing your membership!

The following descriptions cover the various membership types SIIA/FISD has established. Please read these descriptions and click the one that best describes your firm. You will be taken to an application form that corresponds to that membership type.

Market Data Consumer: This category is available to banks, brokerage firms, investment firm, buy-side, asset management funds, hedge funds, custodians and other consumers of market data. Dues for market data consumers is tiered and based on annual global market data spend. [Dues Scale]
Exchanges: This category is available to exchanges, electronic crossing networks (ECN's) and automated trading systems. Dues for exchanges is tiered and based on global annual global market data revenue. [Dues Scale]

Vendors: There are three types of memberships in the general vendor category. Dues for the vendor category is tiered and based on global annual revenue.

  Data vendors/redistributors/optional/third party services/news providers. [Dues Scale]
  Inventory management companies, platform and permissioning system providers and software developers. [Dues Scale]
  Consulting firms and other professional services. [Dues Scale]

If you have questions about the appropriate category or payment information you may contact:

Nevena Jovanovic, +1.202.789.4461